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What is EGING?

What is EGING?

Eging, also known as squid fishing with an Egi, is a specialized form of fishing that originated in Japan and is now popular around the world. Eging involves using a specialized lure called an Egi, which is designed to mimic the movements of a live squid in the water.

The Egi lure is typically made of a soft, silicone material that is molded to look like a small squid. It is weighted to sink quickly in the water and is equipped with a series of small barbs that help to secure the squid when it is bitten.

Eging is often done at night when squid are most active and attracted to light. Anglers will use a specialized light source to attract the squid to the surface and then cast their Egi lure into the water, using a technique known as "jigging" to create a lifelike movement that entices the squid to bite.

Eging requires a specialized set of equipment, including a light source, a rod and reel, a spool of specialized Egi line, and a selection of Egi lures in different sizes and colors to match the conditions and the preferences of the squid.

Eging can be a challenging but rewarding form of fishing, as it requires a high level of skill and patience to successfully land a squid on an Egi lure. However, the experience of feeling a squid bite and seeing the lure light up in the dark water is a unique and unforgettable experience that has made Eging a popular pursuit among avid anglers around the world.

Enjoy The Most Fascinating Night Sport, The Squid Jigging

Enjoy The Most Fascinating Night Sport, The Squid Jigging

Squid jigging is plentiful and an interesting creature and they are easy to catch from as many land-based sites as you can on a boat. Squid jigs come in a wide variety of Squid jig brands with various shapes, sizes, and colours.

It makes sense that night fishing has become a more and more popular activity among Australians since there is something extremely peaceful about being on the water at that time of day. This overnight pastime is frequently a terrific family excursion as well as a therapeutic experience for the lone fisherman. You can catch more fish at night, but it takes a lot of planning and a squid jig pack to take advantage of a late-night fishing trip. While fishing poles, safety equipment, and bait are necessities, many people frequently forget about another important item: LED illumination. When night fishing and squid fishing, having the right lighting can make your trip safer and more successful overall.


Stay Safe


Safety is one of the main issues when it comes to night fishing. You can navigate the dark by purchasing light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that are battery-operated. Numerous of these lamps can be clamped to various areas of a vessel, providing powerful illumination where it is most needed. It's recommended to organise your boat the night before you go out on the open sea. This will prevent any trip hazards and make it easier for you to locate equipment in the dark. 


During a nocturnal excursion, LED lights can be utilised for much more than just illumination; they can also be used to keep safe and draw in additional fish, particularly squid, for catching. You can use these battery-operated lights as a useful tool to securely sail your watercraft at night. These red and green battery-operated LED lights show the size, direction, and angle of the boat, as well as whether it is anchored. These waterproof lights are crucial at night to let people know where you are and to prevent mishaps.


Catch more fish


The greatest time to catch fish is actually right before sunset and right after sunrise, and employing LED flood lights might increase your chances of landing a huge one even more. Fish are typically more passive during the day due to nature and their surroundings. Fish may hibernate during the day for a variety of reasons, including rough waters brought on by inclement weather, human activity, and water clarity. Some fish, including mulloway, pearl perch, and barramundi, go out to hunt at night due to survival instincts and vision.


Choosing the right amount of light must be balanced in order to draw these fish without frightening them. As long as you are discrete about your existence, flood lights are a terrific technique to draw larger fish closer to your boat. The water will be illuminated to draw in small prey, such as plankton, which will then draw in minnows to feed, and so on until large game fish start to gather deeper in the water. The same can be done with underwater LED lights, but ensure they're not too bright or they might scare certain fish away. Always review the requirements for your local fishing licence to be sure you are in compliance.


Squid Fishing


Along the Australian coast, squid fishing has become more and more popular, and the dead of night is one of the greatest times to try your luck. Use a battery-operated waterproof LED light to attract squid because they like really bright light exceptionally well. The squid jigging method, which is well-liked in southeastern Australia, is advised by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation of Australia. 


You may draw hungry squid to your vessel by placing really flashing lights along it. Squid will be grabbed and dropped into the netting on the side of the boat using a line with barbless lures and a spool submerged in the water. Squid fishing works well with LED lights that are bright green and blue. Since they are battery-operated, they can have a long life expectancy and are bright enough to pierce the water.


Find affordable LED lights


A small investment in waterproof, battery-operated LED lights can improve your entire night or squid fishing experience. In addition to making your journeys safer, using LED lights properly on or in the water can increase your haul. There is no excuse not to upgrade your yacht with LED lights with the variety of accessible designs and uses that are available.


Get the best squids


You do not need a boat if you intend to go squid fishing. To obtain a good catch of squid jig brand contact Rui Fishing for all the necessary information. Squids are drawn to light, therefore you should also set up a light that is just over the water's surface. Squids are easier to catch than other fish, but it is still important to understand their general character so you may engage in mental and visual exercises prior to the squid actually taking the bait.